Why Are There Still LCD Monitor in 2023


We may have heard that LEDs will replace LCDs many years ago, but why are there still LCD monitors now (2023)?

LCD and LED monitors both use liquid crystals to create images, but they differ in the type of backlighting they use. LCD monitors use fluorescent lamps, while LED monitors use light-emitting diodes.

LED monitors have advantages over LCD monitors in terms of energy savings, refresh rates, clarity, color quality, weight, and thickness. LED monitors also offer safer and more comfortable backlighting for the eyes than LCD monitors.

However, LCD monitors are still widely available in the market because they are generally cheaper than LED monitors. They also provide a high-quality image and are better suited for brighter environments like living rooms and kitchens since they provide an overall brighter image. LCD monitors are also less prone to suffer from burn-in image issues.

Therefore, LCD monitors have not been completely replaced by LED monitors, but rather coexist with them as different options for different needs and preferences. Some people may prefer LCD monitors for their lower price and brighter image, while others may prefer LED monitors for their superior picture quality and energy efficiency.


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