What is GF, GA, GD, MP, W, D, L, Pts in Football (Soccer) ?


World Cup 2018 is on now, when we check information we see group tables like the following one:


So what do GF, GA, GD, MP, W, D, L, Pts mean in Football ?

MP: Matches Played. How many matches has been played.

W: Won. Number of Won matches.

D: Draw. Number of tie matches.

L: Loss. Number of lost matches,

GF: Goals For. Number of goals scored.

GA: Goals Against. Number of goals conceded. (goals failed, other teams GF totally)

GD: Goals Difference. Normally and simply, GD = GF – GA.

Pts: Points. (For example, in World Cup group matches, if a team wins it will get 3 points, if ties it will get 1 point, if it lost then get 0)


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