How to Set Emails on SmarterASP dot Net Hosting

2022-03-26 is a well-knonw web hosting provider. Animportant reason why we choose is that its ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core versions are updated very fast compared to other similar hosting providers.

How to Set Email on

  1. Log into your customer account;
  2. Go to Hosting Control Panel (by click the 9-dot icon)
  3. Select the Email tab page (this is according to the current SmarterASP.NET control panel UI in 2022 March)
  4. You now see the Email Manager, click Active button to active Emails service for the domain that you want to set emails
  5. After the email service is active, click the Actions (3-dot icon) and select Login Webmail Interface, try on input the postmaster@[] as the user, password is same as your default control panel password. If it does not work, check the next step
  6. If the step 5 does not work, you will have to reset your default web email password, go back to the Actions (3-dot icon) and select Reset Postmaster Password, you will get a new password in a popup window, you use the new password to login, and then you'd better change the password right away.
  7. Now you can set other things in your SmarterASP.NET web mail such as adding a new user with a new email, setting email forwarding, changing password...etc.


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