How to Record Screen in Windows 10 without Third-party Tools?


We can easily find some third-party free tools to capture an image in Windows 10, that is, record a still screen and save the screenshot as an image file.

Or, even if we do not install the third-party screenshot software, we can easily capture the current screen by pressing the PrtScr button in Windows 10

But can we record a video of screen activity through its built-in functions in Windows 10?

Many people mistakenly think that Windows 10 does not have the built-in function of recording screen activity videos. But actually Windows 10 does have a built-in function that can record screen activity videos

How to Record Screen in Windows 10 without Third-party Tools?

There is a built-in Game Bar on the Windows10 side. This game bar has multiple functions, for example, it can record game clips, take screenshots, broadcast, etc.

The name of the Game bar is easy to misunderstand that it is specifically designed for games. In fact, the game bar is not specifically related to games, we can use it to record screen activity videos.

1. Enable Windows 10 Game Bar:

In the search box on the task bar at the bottom of the windows 10 main interface, enter "enable xbox", at this time, real-time search results will appear. We will see the settings item of the Enable Xbox Game Bar, click on it (we can also open windows 10 settings to enable game bar).

Enable Win 10 Xbox Gamebar

There are several default shortcuts have been set. We can use it when we use the screen record to a video or screenshot to an image.

2. Use Windows 10 Game Bar:

Click Windows + G key to open Game Bar, If it is the first time you use the game bar, you will see the welcome information.

Enable Win 10 Xbox Gamebar

Close the welcome box, you will see the Capture box and you can either click the Camera icon to take screenshot to save as an image or click the record icon to start recording screen activity video.

Enable Win 10 Xbox Gamebar

Note: Both captured image and video will be saved to the folder "This PC > Videos > Captures" (C:\Users\Your User Name\Videos\Captures)


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