How to Apply for the Ontario Low-Income Seniors Co-Payment Drug Program


There is a drug benefit for Low-Income Seniors in Ontario Canada. It is Low-Income Seniors Co-Payment Drug Program. For at least 65 years ago.

1: Please read New Eligibility Requirements for The Low-Income Seniors Co-Payment Drug Program.

You might be eligible to enroll in the Seniors Co-Payment Program if you are:

_- A single senior with an income of less than or equal to $19,300; or

  • A senior couple with a combined income of less than or equal to $32,300._

2: Download PDF format file named Co-payment Application for Seniors from this page; Fill the form and sign with either applicant or representative

3: Enclose a copy of your Notice of Assessment (NOA) for you and your spouse, for the tax year prior to the program year in which you join;

If you do not have NOA, you might have other ways to prove your income, such as GST credit;Please read official information from the PDF format form to get details information.

4: After you finished all above document, you can then send out by mail. You can find the receiver address from the form.


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