Top 10 AI Products or Events in March 2023


March 2023 has just passed, it was a destined extraordinary month.

A series of major AI products continued to be released in March, like heavyweight bombs or even nuclear bombs exploding one by one, shocking the human society in waves.

Below, in order of their impact, we have compiled the 10 most significant AI events of March 2023.

Top 10 AI Events in March 2023

1: GPT-4 Released

2: Midjourney V5 Released

3: GitHub Copilot X Unveiled

4: ChatGPT Plugins Announced

5: Microsoft 365 Copilot Launched

6: An Open Letter that singed by a group of AI researchers and ethicists to urges AI Labs to Pause

7: Visual ChatGPT Released

8: Google Cloud AI Platform expanded

9: Adobe Firefly Unveiled

10: Viso Suite Platform Launched


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