Major AI products and System versions or announcements in 2023 part 1


The month of March 2023 is not yet over, but several major technology companies have already released a series of shocking AI products or systems, as well as some major announcements.

Below are the significant AI products, systems, announcements, and their release dates that have emerged so far this year.

2023 Major AI products and System versions or announcements (Before 2023 April)

Event Date Company
Google Bard showcase 2023 Feb 06 Google
New Bing Preview 2023 Feb 07 Microsoft
AI features for Gmail, Docs announcement 2023 Mar 14 Google
GPT-4 Release 2023 Mar 14 Open AI
Midjourney V5 release 2023 March 15 Midjourney
Microsoft 365 Copilot Launch 2023 March 16 Microsoft
文心一言 unveils 2023 March 16 Baidu
Google Bard waitlist starts in US and UK 2023 March 21 Google
Bing Image Creator Preview 2023 March 21 Microsoft
GitHub Copilot X 2023 March 22 GitHub

Old events:

Event Date Company
GitHub Copilot announcement 2021 June 29 GitHub
GPT-3 release 2021 Sep 24 Open AI
ChatGPT release 2022 Nov Open AI


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