What is GB, MB, KB and what is Gb, Mb, Kb


We often see some units like GB, Gb, MB, Mb, KB, Kb…etc. But what are them and what are they for? Are GB and Gb the same?

The answer is NO.

So what is the difference between Gb and GB or Mb and MB?

Please read the following information:

1: B = Byte, b = bit;

2: 1 Byte = 8 Bits;

3: GB = Gigabytes, Gb = Gigabits, MB = Megabytes, Mb = Megabits; KB=Kilobytes, Kb=Kilobits;

4: When we say digital storage device capability, we use GB, MB, KB… For example, computer hard drives, HDD, USB, Cloud storage size… etc;


5: When we say network speed, we usually use Gb, Mb or Kb…etc. For example: Wi-Fi speed, Phone Data Plan speed….etc.