How to Set Airplane Mode On/Off Windows 10


Airplane mode comes from the prohibition by most of the airlines for preventing devices from transmitting radio-frequency signals while in flight. Nowadays Airplane mode can disable all voice, text, phone calls, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You might use your laptop with Windows 10 system on airplane, so you need to set Windows 10 system to Airplane mode which can disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, Here is how to set Airplane mode on Windows 10 quickly.

1: Find the wireless icon on the bottom right corner of Windows screen, click it;

2: You will see 3 buttons of Wi-Fi, Airplane mode and Mobile hotspot, just click Airplane mode button to set on to Airplane mode. If your laptop was using Wi-Fi previously, the Wi-Fi mode will be automatically set off;


3: To set off Airplane mode, just click the Airplane mode button again, then Airplane mode will be off, and Wi-Fi button will be set on automatically now.