How to Download YouTube Videos For Free 01


There are lots of great videos on Google’s YouTube. We recommend that we just watch videos from YouTube directly if we have Wi-Fi connection, this is also for avoiding violation of YouTube’s policy because of copyrights.

However, there are some videos could be allowed to be downloaded. Also in some cases, if we do not have a good Wi-Fi connection and we have to repeat watching a video, maybe we have to consider to download the video to your local device such as computer, as long as you do not break YouTube’s policy, and you will not spread the video to everywhere, also, after you finished using the video, you should delete it from your local. Then, you maybe start to download YouTube videos.

Here we introduce an easy way.

1: Using website to download Videos fro free.

We introduce this website is because using a website to download YouTube video can be very easy. You do not have to install any software but just use web browser to visit the website. Copy the video URL and click Start button, you then get several video download links by different qualities quickly, select one of them and click Download button, then you will get a video on your local computer.




2: Using website to download Videos fro free.



Keepvid’s work with similar process with

There should be more other websites provide YouTube downloading.