How to Combine Files into One PDF for Free


We introduced a method to combine files into one PDF file using Adobe Merge tool but it is a commerce tool so you had to pay. Here we are going to introduce a good method for free.

On your local computer, normally within your Windows system. You can use some free tools such as PDFCreator, which is a popular and great and free PDF converter tool. PDFCreator can convert your documents to PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF; It also can merger multiple documents to one file.



1: If you have not installed PDFCreator yet, please download the tool from PDFCreator official webpage here and install it. Note, you have to select the PDFCreator Free version, the others are commercial products;

2: After you installed PDFCreator, as current version, it should add function menu in your Windows File Explorer context menu by mouse right button clicking. Since the PDFCreator UI bring users a little bit confusing, so for the file combination, let us do it from Windows File Explorer.

Go to Windows File Explorer and locate your PDF files, multiple select several PDF files, then right click mouse and select menu Convert with PDFCreator:


3: Now PDFCreator is opened and we can see it has already set a target file name for us, also the target folder (Please remember this folder otherwise you might not know where the final generated PDF is), and we can see there is a number (our case is 2) on the Merge button there because we selected 2 files. Now just click the Merge button:


4: We can see our selected files are listed here, we can either click Merge All button or selected all files we need and click Merge Selected if you selected files.


5: After you clicked Merge Selected or Merge All button, the merged file name list will be shown on the right side, you just click Continue button;

6: Now another window is popup, you have a chance to give target file name and target file folder, if you do not want to change, just leave everything and click Save button.

Now the converting process starts. it could be finished in short time if you selected PDF files are not too big;


Now you get a single merged (combined) PDF file, try to find out it on the target folder which you set previously, or PDFCreator set by default.